Why I have set up this service

Quite often an accountant is introduced via recommendation which can sometimes miss the key benefits to be had with regard to industry qualifications, skills and experience which in turn leads to better financial success and reward for the client.

We are very different to other resources on the web… and here’s why…

We aim to share information, and have persuaded a few of our trusted Accountancy partners to contribute articles regarding their industry expertise to help people make informed choices about the things that may be worth considering when they are undertaking their search for an Accountant.

Why find-me-an-accountant.com is different

• We are not an advertising directory – we are a source of information and advice

• We are not a “Get Cheap Quotes” type broker – we match according to needs with the overall aim of Value for Money

• We are not affiliated with any firm of accountants or professional accounting body – Our advice is independent and we can be open in our views and opinions.

• We are not a standard lead generation service that just matches on location – we use our experience of introducing clients and accountants based on a combination of factors (location, industry, fees, business requirements, customer service, and specialist areas where qualifications or experience may be important)

• We don’t share your details with 3rd parties or willy-nilly – your survey answers are passed on anonymously in the first instance until we are confident of a possible match between the client and accountant and only then it will only go to one or three accountants and you will be advised who we have introduced you to.

• We don’t just sell your details to the highest bidder – We only pass on your details after we feel we have made an appropriate match for you considering the accountant’s wishes as well as the new client’s (hence the “dating agency approach”). It is important for us to continue to supply well matched introductions so that accountants continue to use the service.

• It’s not an automated service – It’s one that involves human evaluation and communication.

At the current time there are lots of directories with adverts for directories, accountants sites promoting matching services, or software sites listing Accountants who use that software, but there are very few (if any) sites that offer our level of independent experience and human matching service.

Whilst we have a lot of experience with matching clients to accountants (and accountants to clients) we don’t believe we know it all! We have persuaded some trusted accountants to get involved to increase awareness, provide advice and information for things such as new legislation, opportunities, risks, and generally share their experience in their areas of specialism and strengths. (This is done anonymously to prevent the site being used for promotional purposes but you can get in touch with the Authors by leaving comments for them or email us with your details using the contact form and they will get in touch with you).

If you have any comments on how you feel this site could develop further for the benefit of Accountants and people looking for Accountants, then please leave your comments below as it would be hugely appreciated for the benefit of everyone involved in looking for an accountant or accountants looking to find clients that they feel they can best serve.

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