How we find accountants

This is a two stage process.

Accountants tell us about themselves, their services, and what types of clients they are suitable for.

Then we ask you what you are looking for with an ideal accountant.

Bit like a dating agency!

It’s an important relationship for  you and your business so important to try and get it right!

1)  Complete the survey and it is better for everyone if you can complete as much as possible. Please note that we do not share your data with any third parties.

2)  We will select Accountants who we feel meet your needs and contact them on your behalf. They get to see your survey responses but NOT your contact details.  In a lot of cases, these are Accountants that we know quite well and have received endorsements from happy clients. In other cases we communicate with them to check whether both we and they feel that they are a good match for you based on a combination of skills, experience, qualification, ways of working, fees and location, industry strengths,  and they will then be offered to purchase your details.

3)  Once they have purchased your details, the Accountants will contact you to provide a quote or to arrange a meeting.

4) We will follow up with you to ask how you found the experience and for feedback on the Accountants that you were introduced to. This is so that we can continuously improve the service we provide.


If you would like to make a general enquiry contact us please either use the contact form below or call us on 01480 878088

If you prefer to just give us a few details at this stage please complete the contact form below and we will start our searching now and hopefully introduce you to some ideal accountants within a few hours.

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