If you are an Accountant looking for ideal clients

AccountantsDo you want more profitable clients?

  • Aligned to market segments
  • Aligned to your qualifications and experience
  • Your geographical areas (if relevant)
  • Work with your software preferences
  • Do business the way you want to
  • Clients who appreciate why you are right for them
  • Clients who stay and recommend you!

Tell us why you would make someone an ideal accountant!

We know it’s difficult to sell your accountancy services and why you are a good choice of accountant for your clients.

We know it can be a pain to compete on price alone!

Your clients need to be the right sort of clients for you and that is something we can help with

Apply to us to receive leads via this service and tell us about yourself and your practice so we can start matching client’s to you.

We will need to know what particular strengths and appeal you have in key industries or areas of accounting expertise.

The survey will go through the types of clients you want in terms of how you want to do business on a day to day basis but also the service areas that you would especially like to offer.

This is a low cost way to find your ideal clients on a pay-per-lead basis.

Application Process

1)  Complete the survey (form below)

2)  We will call to go through the survey and check understanding and other details

3)  Decide on what basis you would like to purchase leads

4)  Receive anonymous details of leads from  Client Survey responses and then decide whether to purchase or not from the survey contents.

Start to acquire new accountancy clients.

If you would prefer to talk through at this stage, please call us on 01480 878 088 or contact us via the form below …

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What Business Entities would you like to do business with?
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What geographical areas would you like to receive leads for? Please either list postal towns or postcodes

What size of organisation would you like to receive leads for? Please select all that apply.
 Turnover >£5.6m Turnover between £1m-£5.6m Turnover up to £1m Employees over 100 Employees between 10 and 100 Less than 10 Employees Other

Please let us know of any industries you would NOT like to receive leads for. Please select from this list of common exclusions or use the text box for other exclusions
 Accounting Political or Trade organisations Charities & Non Profits Public Sector Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants Holding & Dormant Co's Social Care Construction Retail Other (please comment)

Other client exclusions

Please let us know of the industries you would PREFER to receive leads for.

Please let us know about your working preferences.
 9-5 working hours only Extended hours (eve & Sat am) Happy to visit clients Prefer clients to visit you Prefer phone communication Prefer email communication Fixed fee arrangements Low fixed with pay-as-you-go Other

Other working preference comments.

Please let us know about your organisations strengths and Unique Selling Points with the benefits these bring to your clients.

Please let us know about qualifications and professional memberships

Please let us know about special offers, promotions or introductory offers that you would like us to promote.

Please advise of any special requirements for passing leads to you or generating inbound calls for your company.

Please let us know of anything else that may be relevant to you signing up for this service. Include here any other marketing activity such as email broadcasts, adverts, things to avoid, or general tips for us.

How would you like to pay for this service?
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