If your Annual Return or Annual Accounts are due soon then don’t delay!

annual-returns-accountsWe can quickly find someone qualified to help you to avoid unnecessary penalties and ultimately your company being struck off at Companies House.

If your company is struck off then this usually results in your bank account being frozen quite quickly!

Fees for  company restoration can be quite expensive and there is also the risk of  severe disruption by not being able to pay suppliers or staff via the bank account!

Some Accountants will offer the Annual Return Filing for FREE with other services or as part of a Special Offer.  Otherwise, an example of fees are as follows:

Annual Returns from £34.99* – usually within 24 hours

Annual Accounts from £360* (usually £29.99 per month, up to £65k Turnover)*

Dormant Company Accounts from £125*
*Prices will vary by Accountants but we have based our prices on those advertised by Cheap Accounting (www.cheapaccounting.co.uk) for illustration purposes which excludes VAT and filing fees

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