Finding an accountant

I first blogged about finding an accountant at my Maxxy/blog This was in part my inspiration for setting up but also partly because of the responses we get when we are telemarketing for accountancy clients. It seemed pretty obvious that we would be able to help on a brokerage type basis and so the “dating agency” approach was born.

People are perhaps surprising, fairly open with telemarketers about what they are unhappy with currently and what would persuade them to change to a different accountant.

Through our experience, we also get a feel for where the opportunities are for the client to get either better service or better value, maybe with someone more specialised or qualified in their industry, or just a firm with a way of working and personality that matches their client.

On this original Maxxy blog article I mention the advice that is given by Business Link and I still hold the view that it is a bit weak when it comes to industry expertise and primarily focused on service, reputation, and convenience. Whilst these things are important, it can be more important in some industries that the Accountant has the appropriate level of qualification, skill, competence and experience to get the best value for the client and deliver the best levels of service.

It is my intention to fill this blog with industry related articles (I have a guest list at the ready) and hopefully this will give some food for thought when reviewing accountancy supplier relationships and getting the best value in a tough financial climate.

If there is anything you would particularly like covered, please leave a comment and I will see what I can do.

Thanks for reading and if you are considering changing accountants or looking for one for a new start up business please get in touch and we would love to help you.

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