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There is a specialist qualification for Accountants who look after charity accounting and this is the Diploma in Charity Accounting with the letters DChA.


It is awarded by the ICAEW either via a study route or via experience and if you want to check whether an Accountant has this qualification you can search by a list available on the ICAEW website.

(Tip: If it is difficult to search from the pdf document you can convert this to csv and then use a find function as you would in excel).


It’s not just a one-time qualification as the Accountant undertakes regular Continuous Personal Development (CPD) so that they are kept up to date with charity industry issues, regulations and practises.


Accountants with the DChA qualification appreciate that their customers often work for little or no financial reward and do not necessarily have the same levels of skills as those with corporate backgrounds. The support, advice and approach offered is likely to be more effective through a good understanding of the Charity’s needs and ways of working.


The benefit this qualification brings is confidence of the Accountant’s professional knowledge in this specialised and highly complex area leaving the charity to get on with running their organisation knowing they are in safe hands.


In terms of value for money, this qualification often brings significant financial value as less time is spent researching specialist charity issues, regulations and inherent challenges and subsequently fees are often lower than a non-specialist fees.


Customer Service is a real benefit too as queries, concerns and areas for improvement are usually dealt with quickly due to the scope of the qualification and the specialist knowledge at hand. In real terms this means that a telephone call can deliver immediate solutions without the need to research or investigate, and emails get answered quickly too!


Non-financial matters such as governance are addressed with practical solutions and information is presented in a straightforward and understandable manner


If you would like us to help you find an Accountant for your Charity please contact us and we will be happy to assist at or call us on 01480 878 088 or Take the Survey and we will deal with your enquiry immediately.



Authors note: This article has been edited from that supplied by “Miss Dipcha” who is a leading DChA Accountant. If you would like to contact the author please contact us and we will forward your email on.


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