Accountant Required, Guildford, GU3

We have a client in the IT industry, one director Limited company,looking for an accountant with a proven track record of experience and satisfied customers in the IT industry.

Must be able to supply some references of other clients in the IT industry for the client to call.


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  1. Chris Maslin says:

    Not based in Guildford (though only ~1hr away by car) but I reckon at least half our clients are in the IT sector, typically one director Ltd Cos like yourself.

    Many are also on Twitter and I’m sure will be happy to chat.

  2. Neil Graham says:

    I’m a partner in Berg Kaprow Lewis and run our contractor clients. We are PCG accredited accountants and I’m also a PCG director.

    We’re based in N.London but my clients are based all over the UK.

    Neil Graham

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