About Maxine Welford

Maxine Welford is owner of Maxxy Telemarketing and Find-me-an-accountant.com providing specialist lead generation for accountants and finding ideal accountants for business owners nationwide.

Maxine has spoken with thousands of business owners since 2005 and understands why people select and why they change accountant.

She is group leader for the marketing discussion forum at AccountingWEB, the UK’s largest forum for Accountants and Maxxy can be found at the top of google organic rankings for telemarketing for accountants.

Her finance background enables her to have knowledgeable discussions with both accountants and business owners on what makes the relationship between accountants and business owner successful.

Deciding to expand on her telemarketing business she launched find-me-an-accountant.com a year ago specifically with the aim of matching and introducing accountants and clients to each other. Both parties complete a vigorous survey and telephone interview to capture as much information as possible about what they both want from the working relationship.

She chose the domain name with dashes as otherwise it could have spelt “find mean accountant” and nobody wants one of them!

Accountants are running a business too and it can be more profitable for them to build their customer base in line with their strengths whether that is industry experience, qualifications in key areas, software products, services, or client care.

Business owners often don’t know what too look for when choosing an accountant and so find-me-an-accountant.com points them in the right direction for them.

The “dating agency” approach works as both parties carefully think about what they want from the other party. With valentines day around the corner, find-me-an-accountant.com will be playing cupid to accountants and business owners!

The service is free to business owners as accountants pay for introductions made to suit their practice’s requirements.

She is a prolific tweeter too @maxinemaxxy and also supports clients with social media for lead generation.



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