75% Unsure what Qualifications their Accountant has!

We have a survey running at the moment and one of the question asks if people know what qualifications their accountant has.

25% Admit they haven’t got the first clue!

A further 50% approx are not sure but think they have some sort of recognised qualification but don’t know what.

We are asking this question not because we advocate that qualifications are the be all and end all of supplying accountancy services, but because we are evaluating where the perceived benefits are from particular qualifications.

It goes without saying that experience and recommendation are usually important when selecting an accounting, but to not have any idea whatsoever of qualifications can make certain people in certain industries more vulnerable and exposed than others to areas such as large tax bills, financial surprises, weaker financial performance etc. To build on this having someone with the appropriate qualifications (plus experience, personality etc) can make a huge positive impact to financial performance.

Personally I am surprised that the levels of ignorance around qualifications was as high as this.  I expected there to be a large number of people who were not so sure but 25% without the first clue is a bit worrying don’t you think?



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  1. Chris Maslin says:

    I would suggest not knowing what qualification(s) your accountant has doesn’t mean they don’t have any, just as likely that they don’t feel the need to thrust it in your face constantly.

    At the small end of the market most clients don’t care. We’re chartered accountants and chartered tax advisers, but most clients are about as interested in that as what I got in my GCSE art exam.

  2. Toni Hunter says:

    Really Chris?

    I would suggest that they aren’t sure because they simply assume that you are qualified.

  3. admin says:

    Well first off I hope you did well in your GCSE art Chris :)

    But to echo Toni’s point, people do really just assume that their accountants are qualified in some capacity. You will see from our testimonials that people have thanked us for helping them choose the right accountant for them.

    It’s not what the qualifications are but really an awareness so people can make an informed choice.

    From the people we speak with, whatever end of the market, all care that their accountant is qualified in some capacity and has appropriate experience but they just don’t really understand the differences in qualifications, what different things mean with different professional bodies, what the benefits are to them etc.

    Maybe you guys should make a point of talking a bit more about the qualifications that you worked so hard for!

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